The Main Purpose of this ePortfolio:

There are many different aspects within the broad topic of History, however, this course focused on the aspects of childhood and education in Canadian History. When one learns about the History of Childhood and Education, they would find that both childhood and education have been a segregated and discriminated part in many children’s lives. This is evidently shown through many ways, such as with different races, disabilities, and inabilities. Throughout my ePortfolio I will address these issues of inequality in the lives of children and how this impacted their childhood and education. As evidence to support my argument, I will be using various reading analyses that we discussed in class and that pertains to my overall argument, my research from my topic of choice: Indian Residential Schools, and other reflections on the past.

Before you start exploring this portfolio, here is a brief overview of what is on the portfolio and where to find it.


“The Main Purpose of this Portfolio”

  • Here you will find why I chose to make this portfolio and what evidence I will be using to support my argument of what I learned.

About Me:

  • This section of the portfolio gives you some insight on who I am, why I decided to take History 3510, and why I enjoy learning History.

Reflections on the Past:

“Reading Analysis”

  • In this section, there will be some of my Reading Analyses on various topics we discussed in lectures, and my thought on them, as well as a reflection on how these Reading Analyses support my main argument.
  • This section will also have a bibliography to find articles.


  • Here you will be able to read my reflections from the start of the term to the end of the term on the concept of “What is Childhood and Education?”.
  • In addition to this, in this section you will find “My Life Story” and my reflection on this.

Research Project:

“My Research Topic of Choice”

  • This section will outline my research topic and why I chose the topic I did.

“Primary Document Analysis Essay”

  • This area of my portfolio will have my Primary Document Analysis and how it contributes to what I learned in the course and how it supports my argument.
  • This section will also have a bibliography for access to my documents I used.

“Research Paper”

  • This section will include my Research Paper and how it contributes to what I learned in the course and how it supports my argument.
  • This section will have a bibliography to access the sources I used in my paper.

“Research Sources”

  • This area will outline what resources I used in both my papers, and why I chose them.
  • This section will also include citations to access the articles and books.

Learning Canadian History:

“Concept Map”

  • This section will show a picture of my concept map and an explanation of how this reflects my learning in the course.
  • This section also has another one of my reflections on the course.

“Conclusion of the Course”

  • Conclusion of my ePortfolio

“Other Courses that Connect to this Course”

  • Here you will find essays from two History courses (History 1220 and History 4250) I have previously taken, which connects to this course.

“History Resources I Found Interesting and Useful”

  • In this last section of the ePortfolio, you will find some links to websites I found interesting, movies, and other resources.